Coronavirus - update from the team

If you are currently taking part in research with the Trust the National Institute of Health Research has produced some handy guidance to help you keep safe during the pandemic.

To find out more click here

Ensuring that our services are safe and effective is one of the most important things we do as an organisation. For our services to be the best they can be we need to be able to test new ideas and treatments to see if they work, and gather vital evidence to prove it.

Our dedicated Research Development Unit brings together experts with clinical, research and academic backgrounds to lead on our work in this area.

They work alongside service users, carers, staff, commercial companies, charities, universities and other NHS Trusts to run a range of research and clinical trials in our services across Sheffield.

By working together we’re able to learn and share best practice that helps us to continually make improvements to the services we provide.

Why are we involved in research?

There’s clear evidence that NHS trusts involved in research provide safer services, deliver better quality care and have improved performance overall.

Not only does it benefit our service users, carers and their families, but it also has huge benefits for our staff. By getting involved in research they’re able to develop professionally and use their clinical experience to make improvements.

Take part in research

We have a range of studies that we’re looking for participants to take part in.

Some of our studies are limited to current service users and staff, and others are open to members of the public.

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved, click here.

Meet the team

Our research team have vast experience working across the NHS and academic fields in a variety of backgrounds.

They have developed a national reputation for innovative research and using their findings to make real improvements to our services.

You can find out more about the team and their specialisms by visiting our meet the team page.

Our performance

Every quarter we are required to report on our research performance by NHS National Institute for Health Research. To view the recent submissions made by the trust click here.

This includes data on projects we are already delivering, and projects that we are about to begin.

You can take a look at our list of reports which date back to 2015 by clicking on the list below.

Our performance reports

Health Research Authority

All of the research we carry out is subject to approval from the Health Research Authority (HRA). They ensure that our research is governed properly, is legally compliant and ethically approved.

To find out more about the HRA application process, please visit their website.

Get in touch

If you’d like to find out more about getting involved in our research work as a participant or as a partner all you need to do is drop us an email to and one of the team will get back to you as soon as possible, or call 0114 2716731.

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