Our staff network groups are staff-led spaces where people share their experiences and discuss issues that are important to them.

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Staff carers network group

The staff carers network group is a safe space for any member of staff who identifies as a carer - whether of parents, adults, children, family or otherwise.

Whether they have a mental, physical, social, learning, or other need, we offer an open, safe space for them to identify their needs and wishes for how the organisation can best support them.

Coming together as people in a similar situation, sharing our stories, and finding our voice within our organisation can be very empowering.

Being a carer can sometimes feel as if we cross over a number of identities or fall between the gaps.

We want to create a safe place for the voice of carers to be heard and valued.

If you have any questions bout the group please email staffcarersnetwork@shsc.nhs.uk

Rainbow staff network group

Our Rainbow staff network group has been set up to give LGBT+ colleagues and allies a safe and inclusive place to discuss inclusivity and equality LGBT+ issues at work.

The group is inclusive of all orientations, not only LGBT+, and provides an opportunity for staff to come together once a month, to have a voice within the Trust and look at ways to ensure LGBT+ issues remain on the agenda of every level of decision making across the organisation.

If you are interested in finding out more about the network, please email LGBT.staffnetworkgroup@shsc.nhs.uk

Ethnically diverse staff network group

Founded in 2015 our ethnically diverse staff network group has grown from eight initial members, to more than 60 people in 2021 with representatives from all levels of the organisation.

The network gives staff the opportunity to influence decisions, develop in their roles and champion equality across the Trust. 

Any member of staff who does not identify themselves as white British can join the group.

Informing policy

The Ethnically Diverse Staff Network Group has a key role in informing and shaping policy. Over the past five years they have been involved in:

  • Developing our approach to zero tolerance to violence and harassment of staff
  • Ensuring that the recruitment of all Band 7 or higher roles has a BME panel member. 
  • Dealing with incidents of a racial nature.
  • Influencing the development of our Harassment Policy. 

Developing staff

Members are encouraged to use the network as a safe space to talk openly about any issues or difficulties they may be facing. 

The group regularly meet to share knowledge and expertise in different areas, and attend various networking opportunities with organisations across the region to share best practice. 

Working Together conference

Every year the group organise our annual Working Together conference. This is an opportunity for staff working across the organisation to come together and discuss issues that are important to the Ethnically Diverse Staff Network Group.

Guest speakers from across the country have attended the event to share their story with attendees, including Britain's most successful black film director, Amma Assante and Yvonne Cohill, Director of the NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard (WRES).

Join the group

The group is open to any member of staff who does not identify as white British. 

If you would like to find out more or get involved all you need to do is email working.together@shsc.nhs.uk 

Disability staff network group

Our disability staff network group gives staff the opportunity to come together, discuss issues and share experiences. They use their experience to influence decision making across the organisation.

Our Co-Chairs of the group are Ellie Wildbore and Helen Williamson. The group admin is Jana Sandford.

Join the network

The group is open to any member of staff who has a seen or unseen disability. 

If you would like to find out more or get involved please email Jana.Sandford@shsc.nhs.uk

Lived experience staff network group

The lived experience staff network group is open to anyone who identifies as having lived experience, which can including anything from poor mental health, discrimination and work related stress to general worries or anxieties. We all have mental health.

We don't run this as a formal support group, but this does provide a safe and open space for peer-to-peer conversations, support and amusement.

Along with all our staff network groups, the group wants to influence and instigate change that will improve the experience of everybody at Team SHSC - and therefore the experience of the people we support and their families.

The group usually meet bimonthly for official meetings, however, during the lockdown they have kept in contact via video chat every couple of weeks, and regularly share ideas for self-care via email.

What does the group do?

The areas of work the group focuses on are decided on by all group members.

So far, the group has been instrumental in shaping a number of projects, including:

  • The Trust’s staff wellbeing strategy
  • Sickness policy and letters sent by HR
  • Organisational development and the development of a new organisational development strategy
  • Peer support which is focused on service user engagement
  • Workplace Wellbeing
  • Raising awareness of ‘lived experience’
  • Supporting staff who might want to declare lived experience or have experience work related stress, depression or anxiety

Our purpose

The group's purpose has been developed and agreed by members as:

“Empowering staff members with lived experience either in peer defined roles or self-identified to achieve their potential and support their development as well as raising the understanding and importance of professionals with lived experience across all services and staffing groups.”

Join the group

If you would like to find out more or join the lived experience staff network group please email lived.experience.sng@shsc.nhs.uk
The group is open to anyone who is an employee of the Trust.

COVID-19 staff support forum

This is a peer support forum for all SHSC staff who want space to meet up and talk about the effects of COVID-19 on their life.

This may be because they or a loved one are shielding or at higher risk due to COVID or because the effects on day to day life and freedom sometimes take their toll and talking to others in a safe a supportive environment may help.

SHSC team members from the People Directorate will be attending but the group is an open forum with no agenda.

Join the group

If you would like to find out more or join the COVID-19 staff support forum please email Sarah.Bawden@shsc.nhs.uk 

The group is open to anyone who is an employee of the Trust.

Assistant Psychologist group

The term Assistant Psychologist/Psychology Graduate includes people whose jobs are primarily concerned with the psychological wellbeing of those they work with, or have graduated from university with a degree in Psychology.

Purpose of the group

The assistant psychologist group is a networking and continuing professional development (CPD) group. While this is not an exhaustive list and people have their own individual reasons for joining the group, here are some areas that the group covers:

  • Socialising and connecting with other aspiring psychologists
  • Career motivation - encouraging each other and peer support
  • Education - learning about other services, therapies, models and theories
  • Opportunities for teaching and presenting to peers
  • Linking in with wider parts of SHSC and across our initiatives and opportunities, such as job roles and placements.

Join the group

We like people to have an interest in pursuing a career in psychology. This might be clinical psychology, educational, forensic, health, or training in psychological therapies or counselling.

We appreciate the varied routes people may take to pursue a career in psychology and that you may not yet have a psychology degree but still be working in a related role, such as Health Care Assistants, and actively pursuing a career. We value diversity in this group, and encourage people to share and reflect on their different experiences and journeys.

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