On occasions it is necessary for us to search people, property and environments.

It is important that we do this in the correct way to protect the rights, privacy and dignity of everyone involved. 

To help explain the process, and to support staff to understand the procedure, we have produced a policy to outlines our approach to searches. 

This policy has been developed into an easy-read leaflet with support from Sheffield Voices and is shared with all visitors to our wards. 

Why do we need to carry out searches?

Searching is one of the ways we ensure that people are safe on our wards. A policy helps us understand the legal guidance, as well as ensuring that dangerous or harmful items are not present, and that everyone is clear on the procedures, rights and storage.

This applies to anyone who comes to our wards, including staff.

Who was involved in developing the policy?

Our Search Policy was reviewed in 2022 and we took the opportunity to learn from other organisations who use search to develop a revised policy.

The process also involved getting advice on human rights and the legal rights of everyone involved in search. 

Get in touch

If you have any questions or concerns about the use of search there are lots of different ways you can get in touch with us:

  • speak to the staff directly involved in your care
  • speak to the Ward Manager
  • speak to one of our Engagement and Experience Liaison Officers
  • speak to the Complaints Department by calling 0114 271 8956 or email complaints@shsc.nhs.uk
  • write to: Complaints Department, Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, Centre Court, Atlas Way, Sheffield, S4 7QQ
  • visit the Care Quality Commission website and share feedback with them directly

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