We are multi-faith team of chaplains and trained chaplaincy volunteers, who provide specialist religious, spiritual and pastoral care.

Camran, Sally, Siobhan and Tim provide support to service users in our inpatient wards, their families and carers, and also support for staff.

We don’t support service users in the community directly, but can provide guidance to staff.

We are here for everyone, regardless of their faith, ethnicity, culture, gender or sexual identity. We are experienced in working with people from all faith communities and those who identify with none. We respect each person’s beliefs.

The spiritual part of someone’s life can be an aid towards recovery and a source of comfort and strength during times of stress and anxiety.

It can help us to find a sense of hope for the future. Spiritual care offers the space to explore questions and is rooted in compassion.

We are available to spend time with anyone who needs a listening ear and would like to talk through their experience.

Supporting our service users

We regularly visit all our inpatient sites to lead groups and worship services and to talk with service users individually. We facilitate the celebration of religious festivals throughout the year.

We have multi-faith rooms which you are welcome to use as a place to pray, to take a break and to have a quiet space to reflect and find peace.

Supporting carers

We offer confidential support to carers and relatives whose loved ones are being cared for by the Trust, either on the phone or face to face.

his is a safe space for you to talk about how you’re feeling and to focus on your needs.

Supporting staff

We support staff across the Trust who have had difficult experiences and need space to talk and someone to listen to them, respecting their confidentiality.

We encourage staff to use our multi-faith chapels and prayer rooms to take a break and sit, reflect or pray.

Get in touch

If you’d like to speak to one of the team you can give us a call on 0114 271 8022 or drop an email to


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