Associate Mental Health Act Managers (AMHAMs) are a group of people who sit in panels of three members to hear applications for discharge from detention or Community Treatment Orders (CTO) under the Mental Health Act 2005.

AMHAMs come from all walks of life and are people who have been carefully selected. They are independent from the Trust, therefore, they are impartial with a positive approach to fairness and equity in ensuring service users’ rights are maintained within the terms of the Mental Health Act 2005.

As lay people they are directly accountable to the Trust Board and, as such, are bound by a duty of confidentiality.

How can the Associate Mental Health Act Managers help me?

AMHAMs have the power to discharge most people who are detained under a section of the Mental Health Act and anyone on a Community Treatment Order. They also consider the appropriateness of the renewal of sections or Community Treatment Orders.

If you are a service user who is detained under section 2, section 3, section 37 of the Mental Health Act or subject to a Community Treatment Order, you have the right to apply to the Hospital Managers for discharge from the detention or order.

Service users can apply for a review of their detention as many times as they wish, although hearings are rarely held within 28 days of a previous review or if there is a Mental Health Tribunal due to be heard within the next 28 days.

Contact details

If you would like to find out more about the Associate Mental Health Act Managers you can contact us using the details below:


Write to: Hospital Managers, C/O Mike Haywood, Mental Health Act Administration Manager, Michael Carlisle Centre, 75 Osborne Road, Sheffield S11 9BF

Telephone: 0114 2718102

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