I'm worried about a loved one

We all go through difficult periods in our lives. With everything that's going on at the moment it's understandable to be stressed.

If you've noticed that a loved one's behaviour has changed it may be a sign they need help.

You can encourage them to visit our website and take a look at the support available to them here.

If they're not sure why they're feeling down, you can suggest they take the NHS mood self-assessment here. This can help them find out which support will be best for them.

The other really important thing you can do if you are concerned about a loved one is to encourage them to speak to their GP. They will be able to ask questions about how they are feeling and refer them on to the best service to help them.

They may be understandably reluctant to ask for help but encourage them to take that important step. Be there for them, listen and be sympathetic to how they are feeling.

Some of our mental health services accept referrals from loved ones, you can take a look at our service a-z by clicking here.

If they are struggling with alcohol, opiate or non-opiate drug use, the Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team accepts referrals from anyone concerned about a loved one.

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