The Liaison Psychiatry team is based at the Northern General Hospital and provides mental health assessment and care to inpatients or people who are admitted to the Emergency Department.

The team is made up from mental health nurses, support workers, psychiatrists, social workers and administrative staff.

You will be referred to our service if doctors or nurses on your ward or in the Emergency Department are concerned about your mental health while you are under their care. We also accept referrals from all the teaching hospitals and Weston Park Hospital.

What support do we offer?

When we meet with you we’ll carry out a full assessment of your mental health, social situation and physical health needs. This will include you talking us through your history and helping us to understand the current problems you are facing.

Following this assessment we will work with you, your family or carer to agree a plan for when you are discharged from hospital. This might involve you being referred to another one of our services such as our Decisions Unit or Home Treatment Team, or us making recommendations to your GP.

We work closely with colleagues at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. As they are a teaching hospital we may ask your permission for students to be present at your assessment.

How is the service accessed?

Referrals to our service can only be made by staff at the Northern General Hospital.

You must be aged 16 or above to be referred to our service, and have been diagnosed with, or suspected to have, a mental health problem.

To take a look at our service eligibility and selection criteria in full click here.


The Liaison Psychiatry service is currently being accredited by the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

Useful contacts

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