The Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team, also know as START, provides support and treatment to people living in the city who are struggling with addiction to alcohol, opiates and non-opiates

We also support people who are involved with the police, probation services, or who are leaving prison, to support them to reduce their drug related offending alongside providing specialist treatment. 

We have two clinics in Sheffield, one based at the Fitzwilliam Centre and the other on Sidney Street.

Our team is made up of around 100 staff including nurses, drug and alcohol workers, doctors, therapists, support workers and social workers. We treat around 3,500 people a year.

The START service is split up into three main teams:

  • Alcohol Service - specialist in providing support and treatment for problematic alcohol use or dependency.  
  • Opiates Service - specialise in providing support and treatment for addiction to opiate drugs such as heroin, morphine and codeine, including over the counter and prescribed medications. The team also provide harm reduction advice, needle exchange, wound care, and specialist clinics for people who have physical health problems related to drug use.
  • Non-Opiates Service - specialise in providing support and treatment for addiction to non-opiate drugs such as cannabis, powder cocaine and crack cocaine, amphetamines. The team also provide a specialist Spice Clinic and Performance Enhancing Drug Use Clinic, also known as the Juice Clinic.

We offer free, confidential support to anyone aged 18 or over who lives in Sheffield, and people can refer themselves or a loved one to the service.

To find out more about the support on offer click on one of the services above.