START and Woodland View team up for service user care

Our Sheffield Treatment and Recovery Team and Woodland View service have teamed up to improve the care we offer to our service users.

Woodland View recently got a new minibus and when START got in touch to see if they could borrow it they were more than happy to help.

START use the bus to take their service users to and from Ladybower reservoir for a fly fishing course. This is one of the service’s recovery activities, which are put on with a focus on spending time positively.

Fishing at Ladybower reservoir

Previously those in service at START who wished to attend this recovery event had to pay two bus fares out to the Peak District, so this makes it significantly easier to access.

Those at the day described it as a “mini holiday” and “the highlight of my week.”

It’s fantastic work and a huge well done to both START and Woodland View!