Quality Improvement Week - Monday 19 October: Learning from COVID-19

Monday 19 October - Learning from COVID-19

To kick off Quality Improvement Week we're focusing on something that is a priority for everyone at the moment - COVID-19.

In the morning we'll be evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on service users, carers and staff. We'll hear from our IAPT and Eating Disorders team who will talk about how they have responded to the pandemic, how they have mobilised their services and what they have learned from the experience.

We'll also be talking about staff wellbeing and the importance of looking after ourselves and team mates. In the afternoon we'll hear from the Short-Term Educational Programme who will talk about how they have moved their entire course from face-to-face meetings, to online group sessions. Continuing on from the theme of access, we'll also be looking at Attend Anywhere and how it is being used to facilitate appointments in services across the Trust already.

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Live sessions

Improve your focus on your own wellbeing - 9am to 9.10am

Join us for an online session where we'll do a quick session of yoga, Mindfulness or poetry to help us get started for the day. 

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Evaluating the impact of COVID-19 on our staff service users and carers - 9.30am to 10.15am

As the new ways of delivering many of our services begin to become the new 'normal', the Quality Improvement Team have been supporting teams to explore the impact that COVID-19 has had on local service delivery.

At this session we'll look at a summary of intelligence gathered through staff surveys and service user surveys. We'll examine significant team data which will inform the basis for interactive discussions on the benefits and challenges we've faced.

Attendees will also have the opportunity for shared learning and collaborative future planning.

Session lead: Jo Evans, Continuous Improvement Manager

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Response and learning from COVID-19: Experiences from IAPT and Eating Disorders - 10.30am to 12pm

At this session we’ll explore how different teams have responded to COVID-19 to help keep our staff and patients safe, all while adapting our delivery model to keep services fully operational.

Come and hear about the experiences, challenges and successes of remote working from IAPT and the Eating Disorders Service, with an opportunity to ask questions and join the discussion.

Session leads: Jodie Millington, Toni Wilkinson and Maggie Young

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STEP: Delivering online group sessions - 1pm to 2pm

The Short Term Educational Programme (STEP) is a city-wide service providing free psycho-educational courses designed to help with a range of mental health conditions.

Adjusting to pandemic restrictions, all of the educational material, previously facilitated face-to-face, has now been developed to be delivered online via Microsoft Teams.

This workshop will examine what the team has learned from this experience, and makes recommendations around the themes of technology and presentation, delivery style and pre-course planning. 

We'll finish the session with a short case study exercise.

Session leads: Stephen Moore, Jenny Hare and Mark Griffiths

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Attend Anywhere: Learning for the future - 3.30pm to 4.30pm

Discover ‘what is Attend Anywhere?’ and join in a conversation about how the system has worked, how it has brought challenges in different services and how it is influencing our thinking about future remote appointments.

Session leads: Dr Deepak Swamy (SAANS), Lynn Burscough (LTNC) and Dr Grainne Coackley and Katie Roe (Gender Identity Clinic)

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Pre-recorded sessions

Below are a series of pre-recorded sessions that talk about the things we've learned during COVID-19. 


Below are a series of resources that further examine learning from COVID-19.

Terms and conditions

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