The Neurological Enablement Service is a specialist community based team who provide support to people living with a long-term neurological condition.

Our aim is to enable our service users to live as full and independent life as possible. By building confidence, teaching new skills and making adaptations we empower the people we support to better manage their condition. 

We support any adult aged 16 or above who is registered with a GP in Sheffield and living with a long-term neurological condition, such as MS, Parkinson’s and other neuro-muscular conditions. 

When you are first referred to us one of our team of specialists will work with you to carry out an assessment of your needs. This is usually at home or in one of our clinics, but could be in your workplace or in another environment where you are more comfortable. 

From there we’ll match you with a member of our team who can help meet your individual needs. That may mean working with a physiotherapist to help with your balance, mobility and walking or an occupational therapist to help you with practical daily tasks. You may also work with a Speech and Language Therapist who specialise in communication and any issues you have with swallowing, or receive support through Assistive Technology which can assist you with communication or install environmental aids to help open doors or turn lights on. 

Whoever you receive support from the team works closely together and draw on each other’s expertise to best support you, your family or carer. 

Our multi-disciplinary team consists of Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech and Language Therapists, a Clinical Psychologist, Specialist Assistive Technologist, Therapy Assistants and Administration Staff.

The Neurological Enablement Service forms part of the Trust’s Long Term Neurological Conditions service which also includes the Neuro Case Management Service and the Sheffield Community Brain Injury Rehabilitation Team. 

How is the service accessed?

You can refer yourself to our service, or you can be referred by a health or social care professional. 

When you are initially referred to us you’ll come through to our Referral Point Unit who will triage your referral to ensure you are put in touch with the right service. 

You can take a look at our eligibility and selection criteria by clicking here.

To make a referral download a referral form by clicking here

If you have had a stroke and this is your primary diagnosis please speak to your GP who may refer you to the specialist community services Sheffield.

Sharing your feedback on Care Opinion

Care Opinion is an independent organisation that gives you the chance share your experience of using our services, to help us make changes that benefit everyone. 

We want you to share honest feedback about our services. Good or bad we want to hear what you think. 

You can choose how much detail you want to go into about your personal story, but if there’s anything we could improve on we want to know. 

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