The selection criteria for the service are applicable to:

  • All adults irrespective of gender, age (16 years of age or over), ethnicity, sexuality, culture or physical abilities; 
  • Anyone with a long term neurological condition. The neurological condition may be from birth (eg Cerebral Palsy) or acquired later in life (eg Multiple Sclerosis); 
  • Complex cases requiring specialist advice, assessment or treatment; 
  • Provision of appropriate liaison, consultancy and joint working for adults with long term neurological conditions who have complex or competing service needs. 

The referral process

Referrals can be initiated by any health or social care professional or by the service user or carer directly. The service user and their GP must be aware of and support the referral allowing access to appropriate medical information.

Geographical population covered

  • The registered populations of NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group;
  • People without settled accommodation who are resident in Sheffield.

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