National Apprenticeship Week - Nikos Drosinos' story

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. From Monday to Friday we will be profiling current apprentices who are a part of Team SHSC. 

Our third story of the week comes from Nikos Drosinos, a Trainee Clinical Associate Psychologist. He is currently studying the MSc Clinical Associate in Psychology apprenticeship.

At SHSC apprenticeships are on offer to current members of staff. Take a look on Jarvis (the staff extranet) for more info. 

If you'd like to learn more about a career with us, check out the working with us section of our website.

Why did you decide to start an apprenticeship?

In my role at the drug and alcohol services, I found immense fulfilment in helping others. However, over time, I sensed a lack of progression in my career.

Despite my dedication to the field, I yearned to return to my original career pathway in psychology. Feeling a bit stuck, I decided to explore new opportunities.

One day, I came across an advert for an Apprenticeship in Clinical Associate psychologists that perfectly aligned with my goals. It offered a chance to reintegrate into the psychology field while gaining valuable hands-on experience.

Excited about the prospect of returning to my roots and advancing my career, I took the leap into the apprenticeship. I was eager to blend my passion for psychology with practical, on-the-job learning.

How did you go about finding out about the apprenticeship?

To discover the apprenticeship opportunity, I initiated a proactive search by leveraging various resources.

Initially, I explored online platforms dedicated to job listings, apprenticeships, and career development. Websites like government apprenticeship portals, NHS jobs, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn were instrumental in my search.

Additionally, I tapped into my existing professional network. I reached out to colleagues about potential apprenticeship programs or opportunities in the psychology field.

What would you say the benefits are of doing an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships offer numerous benefits for both individuals and employers. They provide hands-on experience; focusing on practical skill development in specific areas. Apprentices can earn a salary while studying, gaining qualifications that enhance employability.

The programmes often lead to career progression, with many apprentices retained by employers. Networking opportunities, tailored learning, and increased job security contribute to the appeal.

With diverse career paths available, apprenticeships offer a flexible and financially attractive alternative to traditional education, providing a solid foundation for a successful career.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying for an apprenticeship?

If you're contemplating an apprenticeship, start by thoroughly researching programmes aligned with your interests. Understand the commitment involved and assess if the hands-on learning style suits you.

Clearly define your career goals and seek guidance from industry professionals. Embrace the opportunity for real-world experience, network with colleagues and mentors, and maintain a resilient mindset through challenges.

Appreciate feedback, celebrate achievements, and view the apprenticeship as a stepping stone to a rewarding career. Remember, it's not just a job but a pathway to lifelong learning and success.