National Apprenticeship Week - Sam Astbury's story

This week is National Apprenticeship Week. From Monday to Friday we will be profiling current apprentices who are a part of Team SHSC. 

Today we hear from Sam Astbury, an Operations Manager at SHSC. Sam is working towards the Chartered Manager - Health & Social Care apprenticeship. 

At SHSC apprenticeships are on offer to current members of staff. Take a look on Jarvis (the staff extranet) for more info. 

If you'd like to learn more about a career with us, check out the working with us section of our website.

Why did you decide to start an apprenticeship?

I wanted to challenge myself by learning, and applying professionally relevant theory to my job. I wanted to enhance my skills, performance and impact. I also wanted to learn from others on the course and to gain a professional qualification.

How did you go about finding out about the apprenticeship?

I did a lot of research. I spent time exploring not only the right course but also the right provider, for me. I made sure that the way the course was delivered, and the provider’s understanding of my role was a good fit for me, by having in-depth conversations with them before committing.

What would you say are the benefits of doing an apprenticeship?

Learning alongside working. I find the theory so much easier to understand, when I can contextualise it with a recent example and am able to apply it to a live situation.

I have enjoyed working with other professionals from different trusts and roles, and developing my skillset and quantifying it with recognised qualifications.

What would you say to someone who is thinking of applying for an apprenticeship?

Do your research as the same course can differ greatly depending on its provider. It’s not easy studying and balancing a full-time job so ensure that you and your manager are able to fully commit to the time needed.

It’s worth the effort and a great way to enhance your skills and qualifications, especially as it is a fully funded route.