Burbage Ward is moving to Dovedale 2 Ward

Since November we have been working hard to refurbish Dovedale 2 Ward.

The refurbishment work is part of our wider work to improve our inpatient environments, create single gender wards and eradicate dormitories.

We are delighted to confirm that the work on Dovedale 2 Ward is now complete and the ward is ready to receive patients.

The new 12 bed ward is a therapeutic environment we can be proud of and includes a newly landscaped garden, gym and improved staff facilities.

The next step in our refurbishment works will see work start on Burbage Ward.

Due to the significant amount of disruption that carrying on building works on a live ward would create we will be moving s currently on Burbage Ward to Dovedale 2 Ward.

The move is planned for Monday 21 June 2021.

We know that this may not be an easy change for our service users. We want them to feel safe and fully involved in the process. We will do everything we possible can to make the process as smooth and as quick as possible.

Dovedale 2 Ward bedroom

The move is the right thing to do to make the improvements that we need to make safely and quickly.

The same team that currently works on Burbage Ward will accompany our service users to Dovedale 2 Ward and continue to provide all of the support they need.

One thing that we are very confident in is that the new facilities on Dovedale 2 Ward will be a vast improvement for everyone.

How long will the process take?

There is significant building work required to make the improvements we need to on Burbage Ward.

We expect the works on Burbage Ward to take approximately 43 weeks.

This includes work to remove dormitories, refurbishment of clinic and treatment rooms, removing ligature anchor points and improvements to the general environment.

If all goes to plan we hope the work will be completed by late Spring 2022.

Dovedale 2 Ward garden

Where do I go if I’m visiting a patient?

Dovedale 2 Ward can be accessed via the main reception at the Michael Carlisle Centre.

If you are visiting a patient you will need to sign in at reception as you normally do and follow the signs from reception to the right past the lifts on the ground floor.

Please ensure that you follow any Coronavirus guidance given to you by the ward before and during your visit.

You can find out more about visiting arrangements during the pandemic on our website at www.shsc.nhs.uk/coronavirus

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the move from Burbage Ward to Dovedale 2 Ward or the improvement works on our wards please contact: