Starting this Spring 2021, we will be making some changes to our wards where we care for adults. We call these wards our adult acute wards.

We are making changes because we want to offer our service users more modern and therapeutic environments. We know that better environments help our services users to get better more quickly and they are safer. One of the changes we are making at our Michael Carlisle site is to move to single gender wards.  

Burbage Ward will become a ward for patients who identify as female and Stanage Ward will become a ward for patients who identify as male.

Whilst the work is taking place to refresh the environments we have created a ‘decant’ ward called Dovedale 2 which will help give us room to move service users around whilst building work takes place.

We have talked to our staff who work on Burbage and Stanage Wards throughout this winter to make sure we take into account any concerns they have over the care of our service users.

From 01 March, we will admit people to our wards in a way which takes this change into account.

If you would like to find out more about the changes we are making, contact