Quality Improvement Week - Tuesday 20 October: Getting Back to Good

Tuesday 20 October - Getting Back to Good

The second day of Quality Improvement Week will focus on our Back to Good journey.

In the morning there will be a chance to get involved in a peer review workshop, we'll talk about one of the key projects we've been working on so far as part of Back to Good, sexual safety, and you can find out more about the Trust project that is focusing on developing our culture as an organisation.

In the afternoon you'll hear all about our work to reaffirm our commitment to being smoke free and all the work we've done to support our inpatient wards to roll this out. There will also be a live question and answer session on Back to Good, with a panel of staff and service users you can ask questions to.

You can take a look at the events being held on Tuesday by clicking on the boxes below.

Live sessions

Improve your focus on your own wellbeing - 9am to 9.10am

Join us for an online session where we'll do a quick session of yoga, Mindfulness or poetry to help us get started for the day.

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Peer review workshop - 9.30am to 10.30am

Peer inspection is often used in external accreditation processes and allows for an in-depth assessment of a service by fellow colleagues in the field either internally or externally.

It gives us an opportunity to see the service from a 360 degree perspective and is an excellent tool for identifying shortfalls in quality, as well as areas to be celebrated and be proud of. The outcome of a peer inspection enables focussed attention on specific quality improvements and sharing of good practice.

Session leads: Anita Winter, Associate Director of Patient Safety, Julie Walton, Head of Care Standards and Mark Adams, Team Manager

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Sexuality and sexual safety workshop - 10.45am to 11.45am

This workshop, led by Vin Lewin and members of the sexual safety Back to Good work stream, aims to illicit views on how we sharpen our focus on sexuality and sexual safety in all areas of our services, whether that be inpatient or community services.

The session is an opportunity to be a part of the emerging work to achieve best practice keeping the people we provide care to and the people who work within our services safe at all times. 

Session lead: Vin Lewin, Investigations Lead Nurse

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SHSC Culture Project - 11.45am to 12.30pm

Gain an insight in to the work of organisational development, with a particular focus on organisational culture.

This session is an opportunity to share your aspirations for SHSC's culture and contribute to shaping our onward approach in this area.

Session lead: Gaby Dale, Organisational Development Business Partner

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Smoke free wards - 2pm to 3pm

On the 21 September 2020 we renewed our commitment to being a smoke free Trust. Smoking has been a long-standing challenge for us, particularly within our acute inpatient environments.

At this session you will hear from the experiences of Burbage, Maple and Stanage Wards about how they prepared to go smoke free, what going smoke free on the wards has been like, what they’ve learnt and the challenges they encountered along the way.

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Back to Good live question and answer session - 3.30pm to 4.30pm

This is your chance to ask any questions you have about the work that is being undertaken to get us Back to Good.

A panel of leaders, service users and staff from across the Trust will be on hand to answer your questions. Questions can either be asked live during the session or you can send your questions beforehand by clicking here

Session lead: Programme Management Office

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Pre-recorded sessions

Below are a series of pre-recorded sessions that talk about the things we've learned during COVID-19.

  • Back to Good Programme Board - who we are and what we do
    Ever wondered why you get asked for progress reports, updates and what are you doing to help us get Back to Good? This is to provide the Back to Good Programme Board with information to ensure that they can provide strategic direction, help unblock issues which are stopping progress and ensure that there’s the oversight and assurance in place to make sure that we achieve our goals.

    Click here to view the video
  • The work of the workstreams: progress so far
    Seven workstreams have been established to co-ordinate and deliver the Trust's aim of getting Back to Good. Here, the workstream leads provide an update on the individual workstream’s aims and the progress made so far.

    Click on the links to view these recorded sessions - Rapid Improvement (Acute Care) | Therapeutic and Great Place to Work | Rapid Improvement (Recovery)

  • Improving Physical Health on Forest Close
    Hear from the team at Forest Close about the changes they've made and the initiatives they’ve introduced to improve the physical health of service users. Learn about more about how they approached this and how they were able to bring together the entire team to develop and try new ideas. Discover what’s gone well, the outcomes and what have they learned along the way. View this session to be inspired by what is possible and to take away ideas and learning for your own teams. You can take a look at the document outlining their Microsystems approach by clicking here

    Click here to view their recorded video session. 

Terms and conditions

The live sessions that we are running as part of Quality Improvement Week are being recorded to enable us to share with others who can't make it on the day.

By registering to attend one of our events you are giving us permission to share the recording with staff and members of the public.