STEP forward

The #STEPforward course is a six week psycho-educational programme which aims to provide support to young people who struggle with a variety of mental health difficulties.

The course gives you the opportunity to learn new coping skills to support your wellbeing and help you move forward. 

How do I know if it is for me?

The #STEPforward course is specially designed for young adults aged 16 to 25.

If you would like to attend the course you need to be:

  • Able to manage being in a group for around two hours
  • An active participant in group activities
  • Willing to learn new ways of managing your mental health
  • Interested in trying new coping skills to look after your emotional wellbeing both at the sessions and at home.

If you’re not sure if the course is for you or you would like to have a chat with someone from the team before deciding if this is the right course for you, please give us a call on 0114 226 2660 and ask to speak to a course facilitator.

What should I do if I’m interested in attending?

If you would like to attend the #STEPforward course you need to discuss it with your GP or mental health worker.

They will need to refer you to the course. When we receive your referral we will offer you an enrolment appointment. This will give you an opportunity to meet the team and ask any questions you may have.

The #STEPforward course

The course runs over six weeks, with one session held every week.

Week 1 - Goal setting and reflective practice

Personal goal setting. What do you want and how can we achieve it?

Week 2 - Identity, relationships and assertiveness skills

  • Identify your values.
  • Assertiveness techniques.
  • Boundaries and healthy relationships.

Week 3 - Understanding anxiety and low mood

  • Recognising the physical side effects of anxiety.
  • Breathing and relaxation practice.
  • Reduced circle of activity and opposite action.

Week 4 - Stigma, social media and self-esteem

  • Understanding stigma and busting mental health myths.
  • Staying safe on social media.
  • Self-esteem and unhelpful thinking styles.
  • Self-compassion.

Week 5 - Managing emotions

  • Understanding distress
  • Distress tolerance skills
  • Self-soothing
  • Introduction to Mindfulness.

Week 6 - Developing problem solving skills

  • Identifying the problem.
  • Practical solutions and problem solving approach.
  • Mapping support and community networks.

Find out more

Our courses run at various times throughout the year. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about one of our courses you can speak to one of our facilitators by calling 0114 226 2660

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