The Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic, also known as the Porterbrook Clinic, is a service for adults with concerns about their gender identity. We are one of eight gender identity clinics in the UK commissioned by NHS England. 

We are proud to provide specialist services to transgender and non-binary people. We are passionate about providing culturally competent, developmentally appropriate and trans-affirmative professional care and management to the people that seek our services. 

Our multidisciplinary team is made up from medical and nursing staff who work alongside a range of allied health professionals. 

People who attend our service may be seeking a range of treatment options, including psycho-social transitional support, or medical treatment to alleviate gender identity distress. 

The service is open to anyone over the age of 18 who has concerns about their gender identity. 

How to access our service

Referrals are accepted from any commissioned NHS healthcare professional or provider.

Typically, people are referred by their GP. If a referral is made by another healthcare professional we will routinely liaise with your GP. If you have any concerns about this please contact the service in advance. 

Frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about accessing our service you can take a look at our frequently asked questions page.

Waiting times

The Sheffield Gender Identity Clinic receives a growing number of referrals each year, and there are high demands on the service with referrals having doubled in the last year.

We know that the waiting times remain unacceptably high because the demand for our services is far great than we can manage. 

We no longer publish waiting times for assessments. Our highest priority will always be the safety and wellbeing of the people we support in our service. We provide information about support options once a referral has been received. 

We cannot currently give an estimate for how long it will take for someone who is referred to our service to be seen at the clinic as this depends on many factors. 

We are working with our commissioners at NHS England to address these issues. 

Information for GPs

If you are a GP looking to make a referral to our service, please take a look at our advice page before making a referral. 

You can take a look at our service eligibility and selection criteria by clicking here

Sharing your feedback on Care Opinion

Care Opinion is an independent organisation that gives you the chance share your experience of using our services, to help us make changes that benefit everyone. 

We want you to share honest feedback about our services. Good or bad we want to hear what you think. 

You can choose how much detail you want to go into about your personal story, but if there’s anything we could improve on we want to know. 

You can give feedback by filling in the form below.

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