Top police award for our gender identity clinic

The Trust's gender identity clinic has been awarded a chief officer's commendation by South Yorkshire Police.

The award is for the work the clinic does with the force. Part of the citation reads: "The Porterbrook gender clinic is commended for its work in supporting South Yorkshire Police to develop understanding of the complexities and issues faced by members of our local communities."

Staff from the clinic have been working with the police for a number of years, providing trans awareness training covering various aspects including the work that takes place at the clinic and some of the challenges faced.

And as part of the commendation Helen Goodson, peer support worker, received special thanks for her work.

Helen has helped to deliver training to the force and when doing so has spoken of her own journey through the clinic and outside in her personal life. The training also covers 'dos and don'ts' and gives top tips.

In some of the most recent sessions Helen has been joined by a trans police officer who has provided additional guidance for their fellow officers.

All of the training is done in a safe space within the clinic, helping officers to understand what it means to someone when they attend the clinic.

The award was presented by Rotherham’s hate crime lead and hate crime coordinator, PC Chris Nicholson. Helen and Chris have worked together for a number of years, building a strong professional relationship. 

Chris said: “The training the clinic provides is invaluable to officers and staff within South Yorkshire Police. It’s vital that we understand the needs of all our communities, and continually develop our knowledge so we know how best to support them if and when they need us.

“Having that knowledge allows us to build meaningful relationships in the community, and hopefully means that people will have greater confidence in us as a service. It also helps to shape the resources and support we are able to provide internally, to our own officers and staff.

“None of this work would have been possible without Helen and the team at the clinic so again, I’d like to say thank you.”

Pictured left to right are: Wendy Clark and Helen Goodson (from the gender identity clinic) and PC Chris Nicholson from South Yorkshire Police.

Police award