Forest Lodge is a low secure inpatient unit which includes two wards, an assessment ward and a rehabilitation ward.

There are 10 beds on our assessment ward, and 12 on our rehabilitation ward. Both wards are male only.

We are a secure unit for service users who are on a forensic section. That means that people are admitted to Forest Lodge from other secure hospitals or psychiatric wards.

We provide assessment, treatment and rehabilitation to offenders who are experiencing mental health problems.

People may also come to us from prison or through the criminal justice system. Most of our service users are on restriction orders from the Ministry of Justice.

Our service users’ difficulties mean that they need to be cared for in a low secure environment. The usual length of stay at Forest Lodge is one to two years.

Service users on the ward has have access to a range of professionals, including nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, fitness instructors, activity coordinators and peer support.


Forest Lodge has large indoor and outdoor communal recreational areas, as well as an occupational therapy department which offers a range of activities.

Our facilities include a multi-faith room, family room, gym, lounges, tea pantry, recreational area, music and art therapy room, occupational therapy kitchen and allotment.

All of our service users have access to laundry facilities, a cashier service and lockable storage.

We do recommend that service users do not bring high value items such as laptops or tablets onto the ward, and do so at their own risk.

Visiting hours

Our visiting hours are 8am to 8.30pm seven days a week, including bank holidays. Visits outside these hours may be arranged at the discretion of staff.

We do ask that visits are not arranged between 12pm and 12.30pm, or 5pm to 5.30pm as these are protected meal times.

Any visit must be pre-arranged by contacting the ward.

Please note that there may be times where visits are cancelled or cannot be accommodated due to safety reasons.

Visits by anyone aged 16 or under are not permitted in patient areas. Children under 16 must be accompanied by a responsible adult and we must be sure that visits are in the child’s best interests. Our social workers are required to discuss children visiting with you and other family members to ensure everyone’s safety.

Forest Lodge is accessible on foot, by a number of public transport routes, there are railings to park a bicycle or there is also a car park on site. You can plan your route on Google Maps here.

How the service is accessed

We accept referrals from open psychiatric inpatient wards, prisons, the Trust’s Psychiatric Intensive Care Unit and other secure units.

Service users must be detained under the Mental Health Act.

To take a look at our eligibility and selection criteria in full, click here.

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