The selection criteria for the Crisis Resolution Home Treatment Team are applicable to:

  • All adults between the age of 18 and 65 irrespective of gender, ethnicity, sexuality, culture or physical abilities.
  • Young people aged 16-17 who are experiencing a first episode psychosis.
  • People who are experiencing a relapse in their mental health or presenting with a first episode of acute mental health deterioration who are in need of treatment and/or additional intervention and who, without this, are likely to be admitted to hospital.

The referral process

  • Referrals are made either via the Mental Health Recovery Service, the Single Point of Access (SPA) for Adult Mental Health Services, the Liaison Psychiatry Service or the Out of Hours Team. 

Geographical population covered

  • The registered populations of NHS Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group.
  • People without settled accommodation who are resident in Sheffield.

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