We've started work on our new Health Based Place of Safety and opened our new reception at the Longley Centre

Our new Health Based Place of Safety has begun to take shape, with work beginning to renovate and rebuild the site beginning last week.

A Place of Safety is a safe, comfortable environment where service users can be assessed in privacy to see how we can best support them.

The new area will be a significant improvement on our current site, built to be more therapeutic, safe and dignified for all who use it.

It’s the latest in a long line of projects from our therapeutic environments team, which has seen many spaces improved across SHSC. These include our wards, a staff rest area, Beech, the new Longley Centre reception and other work across our sites.

Accessing the Longley Centre

Entrance on the left close, entrance on the right now open

If you are accessing the Longley Centre, the image above shows how to find the new reception. This has now become the main access point for everybody coming to the site.

The reception previously used is closed to make way for the new Health Based Place of Safety.