Burbage Ward building work update

Building works on Burbage Ward are nearing completion and we can now bring you some sneak peaks of the new ward.

The refurbishment has been going on for a number of months as part of our wider work to improve our inpatient environments, create single gender wards and eradicate dormitories.

This is an exciting time for staff and all the teams who have been working to create more therapeutic ward areas for our service users.

The new dispensary is taking shape. It has been developed in consultation with ward staff, service users and pharmacy staff. A new vestibule will be built-in along side a serving counter. If this new design works, it will be replicated on the new look Stanage Ward too.

The bedrooms are coming together, with en-suite bathrooms offering service users more privacy and dignity.

The staff rest area is almost complete, a dedicated place where staff can take a break from the ward. The kitchen is progressing with cupboards on the walls and room for appliances to be installed.

Art therapy staff are working with service users and staff to ‘bring the outside in’ with a whole wall of Burbage Edge in the dining area.


Burbage corridor


Burbage bedroom


Burbage en-suite

Ward office

Burbage ward office


Burbage kitchen

Communal area

Burbage communal area


Burbage garden