Coronavirus - changes to this service

The CFS/ME Service for South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire is still open to referrals, however, we have been working in different ways during the pandemic.

The majority of appointments are now offered by telephone or by video using ‘Attend Anywhere’ and we can only offer essential face-to-face appointments.

We understand this is already a difficult time, and we aim to continue to provide all assessment and therapy appointments, even if they are done in slightly different ways. 

Please note that if we contact you via telephone the number will appear as withheld, so please do answer it at your appointment time. If we cannot get through we will leave you a message with information on how to call us back.

If you have any queries or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us by telephone on 0114 2263232 or by emailing

We will respond to urgent enquiries and concerns as soon as we can. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this difficult time.

You can find out more about changes to our services during the pandemic at

The Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (CFS/ME) Service is an all age, specialist, regional therapy service for people affected by CFS/ME across South Yorkshire and North Derbyshire.

The service includes two teams – one for adults and one for children and young people. The service is available to individuals who have a provisional diagnosis of CFS/ME, are registered with a GP within the region, and who have been unable to self-manage their condition with the advice and management provided from primary care.

CFS/ME can be a long-term and relapsing condition. Emphasis is placed on early diagnosis and intervention to prevent the development of more severe, complex and long-standing problems. The CFS/ME Service promotes the development of self-management strategies to enable individuals to make improvements and cope with their symptoms independently.

The service provides an initial package of care which includes an assessment, education about core self-management strategies and a review to explore options for further therapy. The aims of the interventions offered are to work collaboratively with individuals in helping them to identify how they are currently coping with their CFS/ME symptoms and then working with them to develop personalised strategies to self-manage their condition.

The therapies offered provide a range of specialist, evidence-based, therapeutic interventions to individuals with a diagnosis of CFS/ME. The interventions provided are dependent on the severity of symptoms experienced by, and the preferred choice of, the individual.

All interventions within the CFS/ME Service are based on core activity management strategies. This may include practical or psychological interventions to enable individuals to maximise their potential and make sustainable improvements.

How is the service accessed?

Our service is available to anyone registered with a GP in South Yorkshire or North Derbyshire who has a provisional diagnosis of CFS/ME, and is unable to self-manage their condition.

Children under 16 should initially be referred by a GP within six weeks of presenting with symptoms. A paediatrician can then refer to our service following a diagnosis of CFS/ME.

Young people aged 16-18 and adults over 18 years of age can be referred directly to the CFS/ME Service by their GP. Referrals can only be made once the recommended screening test have been completed and a provisional diagnosis of CFS/ME has been made following a minimum four month period of sustained symptoms.

You can take a look at our service eligibility and selection criteria by clicking here.

You can find out more about how to make a referral and look at the referral pathway  by following the links below:

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