Quality Improvement Week - Friday 23 October: Transformation and local improvement projects

Friday 23 October - Transformation and local improvement projects

To round off Quality Improvement Week we will be looking at key quality improvement projects that are happening right now across the Trust, and how you can get involved.

In the morning we'll look at our Community Mental Health Teams reconfiguration workshop, give you an update from our transformation programmes and introduce a range of case studies from our Microsystems.

Over the lunch period, our clinical and service directors will be making themselves available for a live question and answer session, to take questions, comments and provide clarification on areas of improvement you have heard about during the week.

In the afternoon we'll look at the '7 Steps' initiative from Listening into Action and hear updates from teams about the changes they've introduced this year.

Finally, the Information Management and Systems Technology team will round off the week highlighting the key initiatives being developed to support quality improvement across the organisation.

Live sessions

Improve your focus on your own wellbeing - 9am to 9.10am

Join us for an online session where we'll do a quick session of yoga, Mindfulness or poetry to help us get started for the day. 

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Consultation on community mental health services - 9.30am to 10.30am

This interactive session will reflect on the consultation process for the current review of the SHSC community mental health services.

You will gain an understanding of the process undertaken, progress to date and be offered the opportunity to get involved, have your say and ask questions.

This session will be of particular interest to anyone running, or involved in, any service review or change processes.

Session lead: Helen Philips-Jackson, Deputy Director

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Transformation programmes - Hear about 'The Big 6' - 10:45am to 11:30am

Learn more about the 6 key transformation projects:

  • Acute Care Modernisation Programme
  • Leaving Fulwood Programme
  • Electronic Patient Record Programme
  • Adult Secure and Forensic New Care Models
  • Primary and Community Mental Health Programme
  • People Plan 

Session Lead: Adele Sabin, Programme Manager for Acute Care Modernisation

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Getting new employees 'day one ready' - 11.45am to 12.45pm

Learn how we’re working to make sure that all new starters have everything they need to effectively start their new role on day one of employment with SHSC.

From ID badges to IT access and everything in-between! See the new IT access form and process that has been developed and have your chance to pilot it with your new starters.

Session leads: Georgina Hanson, Recruitment Team Leader and Aimee Hatchman, HR Workforce Systems and Information Manager

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Ask the directors question and answer session - 12.45pm to 1.30pm

Got a question that you'd like to ask one of our clinical or service directors? This is your chance to do so. 

If you have a question that you'd like to submit ahead of the session just email QITeam@shsc.nhs.uk

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LiA '7 Steps': what's been happening - 1.45pm to 2.15pm

This session will explain about the '7 Steps' model and share improvements made across the organisation.

Julie Carden will share a specific piece of work that she has led on with her colleagues around improving opportunities for admin staff using the '7 Steps' model.

Session lead: Debbie Creaser, LiA Deputy Clinical Lead

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IMST: key initiatives being developed - 2.30pm to 3pm

These last six months have shown just how important information technology is to how we deliver our services. Come and hear from IMST about the plans for the future, initiatives being developed and the opportunities they present.

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Pre-recorded sessions

Below are a series of pre-recorded sessions that talk about transformation. 

  • Developing the new Carer Liaison role in the Older Adults Home Treatment Team
    How can we do more to support carers? Our Older Adults Home Treatment Team have been trialling a new service to give carers protected time to talk to experienced staff about all the challenges they face.

    Click here to watch the video


Below are some resources that you may find useful when looking at transformation and our local improvement projects. 

Terms and conditions

The live sessions that we are running as part of Quality Improvement Week are being recorded to enable us to share with others who can't make it on the day.

By registering to attend one of our events you are giving us permission to share the recording with staff and members of the public.