As of 5 May 2023, IAPT Sheffield changed name to Sheffield Talking Therapies for anxiety and depression as part of a national rebrand. The service remains the same.

Sheffield Talking Therapies service provides free support to thousands of people each year in Sheffield.

The service offers a range of support that is designed to give you the skills and confidence to overcome stress, anxiety and depression.

You can also access self-help resources online that offer advice on things like bereavement, low mood and sleeping problems.

To find out more about the free support on offer, visit

Living with a long-term health condition?

Managing a long-term health condition can be really stressful. There’s so much to worry about that it’s understandable to feel down.

Sheffield Talking Therapies has introduced a specialist health and wellbeing service that offers specific mental health support for long-term health conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions and chronic pain.

You can find out more about the support on offer in the short video below.

How is the service accessed?

Anyone aged 18 or over who lives or works in Sheffield can refer themselves to Sheffield Talking Therapies by booking onto one of our free online courses.

You may also be referred to our service by your GP who will recommend a course or support that suits your individual needs.

You can take a look at our service eligibility and selection criteria by clicking here.

Sharing your feedback on Care Opinion

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We want you to share honest feedback about our services. Good or bad we want to hear what you think.

You can choose how much detail you want to go into about your personal story, but if there’s anything we could improve on we want to know.

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