Support White Ribbon Day on 25 November 2023

In this blog, head of safeguarding at SHSC, Hester Litten (left, below), writes about the importance of White Ribbon Day and what we are doing to end violence against women and girls.

At SHSC, we have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence and abuse, and we are proud to support the annual White Ribbon Day to end violence against women and girls.

white ribbon day, safeguarding staff

Our goal is to create a safe and secure environment for all staff, service users, and visitors. We want everyone to feel confident in identifying all types of abuse and neglect and to know how to respond if they suspect someone is at risk. This includes service users, friends, family members, and members of the public.

Safeguarding is everyone's responsibility, and we encourage professionals to ask questions, share their concerns, and be curious.

The statistics are alarming, with most violence against women and girls being committed by men. Workplace harassment affects 30% of women, with 81% reporting that they were harassed by men. In the year ending March 2022, 1.7 million women experienced domestic abuse, and almost one in four girls in mixed-sex schools have experienced unwanted sexual touching in school. The White Ribbon campaign looks to engage men and boys to end violence against women and girls.

To support the campaign, we are asking all staff members to:

Wear a White Ribbon and show your support for the campaign.

Make the White Ribbon Promise, which means never using, excusing or remaining silent about violence against women and girls.

Know where to direct anyone affected by violence so that they can access support.

Visit the White Ribbon Day website to learn more about the campaign and why it's crucial to speak out against abuse.

Show your support on social media using the #ChangeTheStory hashtag. Together, we can make a difference and help put an end to violence and abuse against women and girls.