From Striving to Thriving: Digital Stories of Working with a Disability

Today sees the completion of our four videos and artwork from our Striving to Thriving project.

Following our recent success as a Disability Staff Network Group in winning the national WDES Innovation Award for Networks, we have been working with Sheffield Flourish storyteller Shirin Teifouri and videographer Dan Jackson to tell our stories, each of which covers the following questions:

  1. Who am I and what is my personal journey?
  2. What strengths do I have as a person?
  3. What barriers do I face?
  4. What helps me to face these?
  5. What would an ideal world look like and what could make things better in the real world?

In the four videos we hear from Lorena, Assistant Clinical Director; Alex, Assistant Technical Officer; Ellie, Lived Experience Ambassador; and Karyn, Electronic Patient Record Programme Manager, each telling their stories.

Digital artist and member of the Disability Staff Network Group, Jana Sandford, has now worked with Lorena, Alex, and Karyn to create a graphic representation of their stories to complement the artwork already provided by Ellie to illustrate her story.

The conversations in the videos will be used to support training for colleagues and managers across SHSC, within the Integrated Care System and more widely across NHS Improvement including last year’s winners of the award in Birmingham Royal Orthopaedic Hospital and we are looking forward to building new partnerships with other Disability Staff Networks to enable real change.

The next stage in the project will see British Sign Language added to all four videos to increase accessibility and raise awareness of the language.

From striving to thriving
From striving to thriving