Silver success on Dovedale 1 Ward

Staff on Dovedale 1 ward – based in our Michael Carlisle Centre on Osborne Road – received a silver award for their work from the Improvement Academy (an organisation which works with frontline services, patients and the public to deliver real and lasting change) after going 20 days without a service user suffering a fall.

And after that they went another three days in without any falls on the ward.

Dovedale 1 is an acute mental health inpatient ward for people aged 65 or over.

Gargi Srivastava is a physiotherapist on Dovedale 1 and said: “This award is a tribute to the hard-working and caring staff who understand and appreciate the complex needs of people we look to help. It wouldn’t have been possible without team work – well done to the Dovedale 1 team.

“The HUSH (Huddle Up for Safer Healthcare) approach was introduced to the ward with the help of the physiotherapy team and involves a daily meeting at 9am to address risk factors and the management plan around falls. The consultant, ward doctors, pharmacists, nurses, care support workers, housekeepers, psychologists, support workers and occupational therapists all attend the meeting.

“We are now working towards the new milestone of 30 days without a fall.”

Dovedale 1 Ward staff