SHSC vaccine campaign goes up a gear

SHSC are offering COVID-19 and flu vaccines to every single member of staff to make sure they are protected against respiratory illness this winter.

This year we started offering vaccines earlier than normal along with rest of England because of the risks presented by a new variant of COVID-19.

This week, our Vaccine Van took to the streets of Sheffield to bring vaccines to staff. The van’s first stop was the Longley Centre which houses a number of busy services including inpatient wards, our place of safety, and decisions unit.

Among the first to pick up their vaccines were staff from different services and professions, including community teams, inpatient wards and support services.

By getting vaccinated our staff are reducing the risk of becoming seriously ill because of respiratory illness, helping to protect the people who use our services, their families and the communities we serve.

Sharon Ashton, lead vaccinator, said: “Our new Vaccine Van is wonderful. It means that getting protected is easy and convenient for our staff, saving them time in their busy days.

“We are aiming to vaccinate around 3,000 staff who work across more than 50 sites in Sheffield. We know how busy our staff are, having a mobile vaccine hub means they can have their flu and COVID-19 jabs without much impact on their working day.

“We’ve had a fantastic response in our first weeks, over 500 have had a COVID-19 vaccination already with hundreds more booked in.”

The van has been generously loaned to us by our partners at I&G, part of Sewell Group.

They converted the vehicle into a state-of-the-art mobile vaccine clinic to help us offer flu and COVID-19 jabs to all our staff before winter.

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