SHSC Peer Support Plan for 2023-2028 launched

The SHSC Peer Support Plan for 2023-2028 has launched this week.

Our Peer Support plan outlines our strategic approach to developing peer support work in a safe and sustainable way in SHSC. The aim of our plan is for every person who uses our services to be able to access a peer support worker.

It is important to us because people who use services, peer support workers and services have spoken about the value this role brings and we feel it is key that everyone can benefit from this amazing role.

This plan is for all services and focuses on how we work with communities to improve access to these new and exciting roles.

The plan was brought together in 2022/2023 through different consultation exercises and builds four key priority areas for action:

  • Developing the Peer Support Network
  • Enhancing Service User Care
  • Sustaining Peer Support Work
  • Strengthening Peer Work across South Yorkshire

We look forward to working with all our colleagues and partners in 2023 to 2028 in implementing this strategy.

You can take a look at the Peer Support Plan here.

Peer Support Work Plan