SHSC Governor Elections: Nominations Open

Nominations for Sheffield Health and Social Care's governor elections are now open and will close at 5pm on 12 June 2023. 

Governors play an essential role of our Trust, providing a bridge between our membership, our community and our Board. There are statutory duties that governors perform however most importantly they represent their communities. They help us to learn, develop and continue to grow as a Trust.

Dave Palfreyman, is our current central support staff governor, tells us why he wanted to become a governor: "I have always been interested in the development of staff and teams to be the best versions of themselves, which means we then deliver the very best care for our patients and service users, which one day may very well include one of my family or friends.

"I became a staff Central Support Governor to help facilitate the flow of information both ways, I wanted the senior leadership to understand the pressures faced at the front line and be a conduit to aid information back to front line staff."

Dave Palreyman
Dave Palfreyman - Central support staff governor

Governors, like Dave, offer valuable contributions to ensure good corporate governance and are also involved in the Trust in other ways while also attending meetings and events at Trust sites and in the community.

We currently have governor elections for roles in the following areas:

  • Staff - 4 vacancies
    • Psychology
    • Medical and Clinical
    • Social Worker
    • Clinical Support worker
  • Public - 6 vacancies
  • Carer - 1 vacancy
  • Service User - 7 vacancies
  • Young Service User/Carer - 1 vacancy

Our public governor vacancies are in the following constituencies:

  • Public North East - 2 vacancies 
  • Public North West - 1 vacancy
  • Public South East - 2 vacancies
  • Public South West - 1 vacancy

To find out more about our current governors and what positions are currently available, visit our dedicated page here.