Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust pledges to take a stand against bullying

Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust (SHSC) has pledged a zero tolerance approach to bullying and harassment.

Senior leaders including the Deputy Chief Executive, Clive Clarke and staff representatives from the trade union have signed the pledge and made a commitment to say ‘no’ to bullying in the workplace.

The team have adopted the Social Partnership Forum’s way of working.

The Trust has promised to:

  • Identify the nature and extent of bullying in the organisation
  • Talk to staff about it, listening to and learning from their experiences
  • Set measurable goals for improvement
  • Implement an action plan to tackle bullying and harassment
  • Evaluate our progress

There’ll be a series of workshops and events for all staff to have their say on how bullying should be eradicated from the work place.

Clive Clarke, Deputy Chief Executive at Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust said: “The health and wellbeing of my colleagues here is our top priority.  While we have to be realistic in accepting that bullying has taken place, we are united in our determination to create a positive culture where everyone can give their best to our patients.

“Bullying has absolutely no place in the workplace and this pledge is a significant step in creating that culture.”

Zero tolerance approach to bullying