Join us to help improve mental health support for dads and partners

Having a baby can be one of the most joyous times in our lives. But for lots of people it can be a really difficult and stressful time.

The Sheffield Perinatal Mental Health Service provides mental health support for new mums in Sheffield and is looking for people to join them for a series of focus groups to look at how they can improve support for new dads and partners.

They are looking for people for four different focus groups:

  • Dads whose wife or partner has used perinatal mental health services in Sheffield
  • Partners of women who have used perinatal mental health services in Sheffield (who may or may not be the baby’s dad)
  • Women who have used perinatal mental health services in Sheffield
  • Partner organisations.

The discussion groups will focus on some key questions around how NHS service might support dads and partners during this period.

All of the feedback shared will be used to help develop an offer for dads and partners, and what any ‘wellbeing check in’ with them might look like.

The event is taking place on Thursday 14 July 2022 at St Mary’s Church on Bramall Lane in Sheffield from 1pm to 2.30pm. Refreshments and drinks will be available from 12.30pm.

All of the mums, dads and partners who attend the event will be offered a voucher to say thank you for their time.

Amy Jenkin, Perinatal Mental Health Service Manager, said: "Our service provides mental health support for mums and their babies in Sheffield. We now want to develop a helpful offer for dads and partners to see how they are doing too. We recognise that having a baby can bring a lot of strain for the whole family, and that for babies to get off to a good start we need to support everyone around them. We really hope that people in Sheffield can come to our event and help shape this new offer - your views are really important to us."

If you are interested in taking part or would like to book a place, please email