From IAPT to Talking Therapies

Although the name is changing, the services provided by Sheffield Talking Therapies will stay the same and service users will not need to take any action.

You may have noticed our IAPT service recently changed names to Sheffield Talking Therapies. Here’s why:

A national rebrand of all the IAPT (Improving Access to Psychological Therapies) services across the country, was announced by NHS England in January 2023. This decision was made following a public consultation with over 4,000 responses alongside focus groups that were centred around how people perceive IAPT.

Until now, NHS Talking therapy services across England used different names locally which could lead to confusion for people accessing services. A big aim of the rebrand was to remove this potential for confusion and make services more accessible to communities across the country. The name change is designed to make the services more uniform and be clearer about what Talking Therapies can offer.

As part of the rebrand, we have updated the website, branding and other communications. For a while, we will be using ‘Formerly IAPT’ in conjunction with anything that mentions Sheffield Talking Therapies, this is to avoid any unnecessary confusion around the name change.

Clinical Director, Talking Therapies and Primary Care Services for Sheffield, Toni Wilkinson, said:

“Moving away from the use of acronyms means that what we do as a service is easily identifiable, we are hoping this will make the service more accessible for our service users."

For more information about Sheffield Talking Therapies visit:

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