Dressing for the occasion: our new electric vans

Watts that? Our fleet of zero emission vehicles is growing!

That’s right, we have taken delivery of four new vans to add to our expanding fleet.

They needed to be dressed for the occasion, and you can check them out having their lovely green livery applied here.

This makes them recognisable and tells the world that at SHSC we are making strides along our journey to hit net zero for the emissions we control by 2030.

The new vehicles are completely electric, meaning they won’t pollute our streets with emissions or noise.

An electric van emits about a quarter of the CO2 of a conventional van, but because SHSC uses a renewable electricity provider, the carbon footprint of each van is even smaller, and comparatively tiny compared with the old diesels the vehicles are replacing.

The new vans replace existing diesel vehicles which had reached the end of their commercial use.

Our transport team hears stories everywhere they go of people who have recognised the vans around the city – and don’t they look great?