Celebrating our Physician Associates - Carolyn Gouldbourne

To mark Physician Associate Week from 3 to 7 October we're showcasing a few of our brilliant PAs in their own words! Here's Carolyn Gouldbourne's blog about what she most enjoys about being a PA and the benefits the profession brings to mental health care. Carolyn is a Lead Physician Associate at SHSC.

Hi, my name is Carolyn Gouldbourne, I have been a Physician Associate in Psychiatry since 2019.

I enjoy facing interesting challenges every day and being able to provide holistic continuity of care for our service users is one of the most rewarding elements of my role. I have recently been appointed as Lead Physician Associate for our service. Within my new role I am hoping to improve the experience for PAs within SHSC and across the region.

I am particularly eager to help improve the experience for our PA students by working closely with their educational providers. My hope is to increase the numbers of PAs coming into Psychiatry.

I benefit the workforce by being a valuable asset to the medical team, enhancing the delivery of high-quality physical healthcare for patients with serious mental health illness.

Physician Associates are often the first point of contact for many patients. We play a vital role in helping them understand their medical needs and empower them to become effective advocates for their own health.

The healthcare system is in high demand, that demand will only grow as the UK population increases and ages. As a rapidly growing workforce of highly trained clinicians, we are valued members of patient-centred, team-based care. PAs increase access to quality medical care for patients across the country.