Artwork to help cancer screening for people with mental health needs launched

An event launching new resources about cancer screening for people with mental health needs was held earlier this week.

The event was held at The Circle on Rockingham Street, Sheffield on Monday 4 March.

The resources launched were created as part of a collaboration between Sheffield Health and Social Care (SHSC) NHS Foundation Trust, people with lived experience, the mental health community Sheffield Flourish and the mental health charity SACMHA. The aim of them is to improve the experiences people with higher mental health needs have at cancer screenings

Attendees heard from Lisa Thompson-Cox from Sheffield Flourish and Jaimee Wylam (Public Health Registrar, SHSC) about the aims of the project, the process of coproduction and the final result.

Those at the event were able to try an arts based activity used during the coproduction process. 

The event was the first of two launch events. The second of which is happening on Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 12 March at 10am. If you would like to attend this event please email

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