Carers Open Door Group - May 2024

If you are a carer of somebody who uses or has used SHSC services, please come to this monthly group where you can find out key information about our work and feedback about our services.

What is the group about?

This group is a carer-led, safe and diverse space where we talk openly and with compassion to each other about your experiences as a carer and what you would like to see from SHSC.

You can use this group for carer peer support, to challenge carer involvement and listen to experiences from others.

It’s about hearing from you. We want your honest and open feedback about your experiences as a carer of somebody who uses or has used our services so that we can to improve them.

How does the group work?

The group is chaired by our Carer Lead and Head of Engagement. You will also hear from other SHSC staff about particular projects and improvements, as well as community partners and carer led organisations who work in the best interest of carers.
The meeting is very informal and we follow an agenda to keep us focused. All of the feedback gathered is then reported to our Carers Action Group where it will be turned into actions.

How do I join?

We meet in an accessible meeting room and also on Microsoft Teams. Anyone who wants to attend can do so. 

If you would like to join us please contact Jenny Hall, Carer and Patient & Carer Race Equality Lead:
0114 306 4365

Image of opening door alongside text saying Carers Open Door Group


16 May 2024
18:00 - 19:15
Upper floor meeting room, Sheffield Flourish, 4 Windrush Way, Sheffield, S3 8JU or on Microsoft Teams