Assistant Psychologist Group

The term Assistant Psychologist/Psychology Graduate includes people whose jobs are primarily concerned with the psychological wellbeing of those they work with, or have graduated from university with a degree in Psychology.

Purpose of the group

The assistant psychologist group is a networking and continuing professional development (CPD) group. While this is not an exhaustive list and people have their own individual reasons for joining the group, here are some areas that the group covers:

  • Socialising and connecting with other aspiring psychologists
  • Career motivation - encouraging each other and peer support
  • Education - learning about other services, therapies, models and theories
  • Opportunities for teaching and presenting to peers
  • Linking in with wider parts of SHSC and across our initiatives and opportunities, such as job roles and placements.

Join the group

We like people to have an interest in pursuing a career in psychology. This might be clinical psychology, educational, forensic, health, or training in psychological therapies or counselling.

We appreciate the varied routes people may take to pursue a career in psychology and that you may not yet have a psychology degree but still be working in a related role, such as Health Care Assistants, and actively pursuing a career. We value diversity in this group, and encourage people to share and reflect on their different experiences and journeys.